It will be necessary to give the vaccination card a day and stamped by a collegiate veterinarian.

  • Anti-rabies vaccine (No more than 12 months or 24 months depending on the Autonomous Community of origin of the animal).
  • Templavalent vaccine (No more than 12 months), we recommend that the heptavalent vaccine be given to the dog.
  • It is recommended that the dog be given the vaccine against the “Cough of the kennels”.
Yes, your pet must have a microchip. If you do not have it, we can not receive it at Can Llosses Canine residence in Barcelona.
If the dog is sick, the owner must bring the medication indicated by the veterinarian and the instructions for supplying it.
Pets must be dewormed internally and externally, we recommend the use of antiparasitic collar or pipette. If they are not, in our facilities we can provide them at the customer’s expense.
In the case of not complying with the established requirements, we offer the possibility of updating them with our veterinary team.
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Can you visit the facilities?

CanLlosses - Residencia Canina Barcelona CanLlosses
CanLlosses - Residencia Canina Barcelona CanLlosses
Of course, for canine residence Can Llosses, it is very important if you want to come days before and with your pet.
CanLlosses - Residencia Canina Barcelona CanLlosses

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